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The membership fee of 100 SEK, children 0-6 year 50 SEK, is mandatory and is in addition to all activity cards! The membership fee covers, amongst other things, the cost of insurance and fees to Friskis&Svettis Riks. Membership is valid for one calendar year (1/1-31/12). When you buy a trainingcard you pay for the toalt of membership fees over the time that the trainingcard is valid for (at a maximum 2 membership fees).

There is an age limit in the gym and for training with Skivstång (barbells), Cirkelfys, Box and Spinning. You are allowed to train in these classes or the gym from the year you turn 15 unless you have a special agreement about together training youngster and adult.

Membership card
Your membership card is a valuable personal document that contains your unique membership number. You retain your membership number and card year after year. The membership fee of 100SEK is paid by calendar year ie. for the period January 1 to December 31 after which you can purchase any activity.  A lost card can be replaced with a new one at a cost of 50 SEK.

Payment can be made by bank transfer: 857-2604. Please provide yourmembership number and choice of activity card time period. If you are a new member, please provide your name and personal number, contact telephone number and choice of activity card, and time period. N.b. remember to add the membership fee of 100 SEK/calendar year and for every year that your traningcard is valid for (at a maximum 2 membership fees).

We give an about 25% discount on our activity cards if you are a :

Pensioner • Applies to you if you are receiving a full pension from the social insurance.
Student • Applies to full-time students with a valid certifikat.
Teen • Applies for those aged 13 years and up to and including 19 years old.

* For Direct Debit/installment enquiries please contact us on Monday and Wednesday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or Tuesday and Thursday 07:00 to 16:00 or by appointment 0500-48 27 77 daytime.

For direct debit installments, the following apply: you must be 18 years old, have a Swedish address, Swedish personal number and also be taxed in Sweden. You must not have any bad credit history. We do the usual credit check and the lender is Ikano Bank. N.b! The direct debit/installment duration is 12 months, which can then be extended by yourself if you wish by signing a new contract. There is an additional charge of 22 SEK/month if you wish to pay by direct debit installments or 32 SEK/month if you pay by monthly invoice. No interest will be added.

If you exercise infrequently or for just a short time with us, you may purchase 10 session tickets for 600 SEK which may be used for all activities. Valid 12 months from date of purchase.

Term card
Junior class only, term (membership fee is sufficient) 0 SEK
Family play only , term (membership fee required for every participant) 50 SEK per each participant in the family
Open Doors only, term (membership required) 250 SEK
Gym membership includes also Open Doors

If you wish to try an activity, you can buy a single ticket för 85 SEK; if you then wish to continue and purchase an activity or term card, you can deduct the cost of the single ticket if purchased within 1 month.

If you are new to us, you can buy a 2 week trial pass for 200 SEK (membership fee also required).

The trial of 2 weeks is a one-time offer (cannot be combined with any other promotion or offers, see below for single tickets). You can try everything for 2 weeks and have access to the booking system (once you have received your membership number, from the next working day from the time of purchase). When buying activity cards (not 10-session cards and term cards) within 30 days, a deduction will be made to the sum of 200 SEK on submission of a receipt.

Single tickets
You can always try our training once and for purchases of membership and activity or term card within 30 days you will receive a deduction for a single ticket on the submission of a receipt; if you want a reduction in the purchase price of a 10-session ticket, this ticket will be reduced to 9 sessions. When buying a single ticket, you are welcome to a drop-in spot, released 30 minutes before the session starts.

Single ticket, any activity, 85 SEK
Junior pass, 30 SEK

Gym instruction, 150 SEK

F&S Member another F&S-association (guesttraining) ,  50 SEK

If you buy gym instruction for 150 SEK or a singel ticket for 85 or 30 SEK, this amount can be deducted when purchasing activity cards for Gym or Triss if purchased within 30 days on submission of a receipt. Only one (1) fee can be deducted.

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