The Gym

F&S Gym is generous in regard of opening hours, space and equipment. We have a large, 260m2, gym with room for everyone. There are modern machines, both for working out and warming up, as well as free weights suitable for beginners as well as experienced people. It is possible to book gym instructors in the reception. The instructors will help you with basic instructions as well as following up your training. In any case they will put together a personal gym program for you. During holidays (such as Christmas, Easter and over summer) the opening hours in the gym are reduced.

We reject DOPING!
In our gym there are certain rules and norms about doping and therefore everyone purchasing an activity card for the gym must sign an anti doping document. In a preventive step towards doping, F&S Skövde cooperate with the Swedish Sports Confederation (RF) who may carry through doping controls in our gym.

Age limit: 15 years old
When you are 15 years old you may train with gym-equipment (also including group trainings such as spinning, box and bar-bell) on your own. We havé an exception for those how are 11-14 years when you are accompanied with your parent please conntact the kansli in daytime for more information.

This is what F&S Gym offers

Instruction with our well educated trainers som that you can have your own gym program. It will also be possible to join a group on daytime if you like more support to get started with your gym training. If you are interested, please report to the reception.

Together training: For parents and their children below 16 years old. To train on your own in the gym you must be 15 year. If you are younger, it is possible to train with your parents after a gym instruction. If you are interested in this, please let your parent contact verksamhetschefen during office hours.

Available instructor: During some specific times of the day, gym instructors will be available in the gym. Dates and times will be posted at the note board in the gym and on the website. You can, for example, ask these instructors about certain techniques regarding gym training.

Book a gym instruction
When you have bought an activity card for the gym you have the possibility to book a date and time with one of our gym instructors, without charge. You will be given basic instructions for a personal gym program, and then you can book a follow up for more advanced instructions. Booking is done in the reception.

If you have booked a gym instruction and need to cancel, it must be done to the reception at least two hours before the booked time.


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